Effortless communication in all languages

Why Choose Link Interpret?

You have your choice of interpreting agencies. Why should you choose Link Interpret?

Certified Interpreters. Your depositions, arbitrations, and legal matters are too important to chance leaving the nuances of the spoken word up to unqualified bilingual individuals. Some agencies cut costs by sending interpreters who are not certified. Link Interpret chooses certified, professional interpreters first.

Interpreting agency owned by a working interpreter. As a certified Spanish interpreter with over 15 years of experience, Ms. Cedillo puts her insider information to work for your firm. She has her finger on the pulse of the Twin Cities interpreting scene and hand matches the best qualified interpreter to each assignment, putting your best interests first.

Customer service. Link Interpret is small by design, which permits us to serve your law firm with unparalleled customer service. Scheduling an interpreter couldn’t be any easier: simply e mail over the deposition or arbitration notice, and that same day we will e mail back an assignment confirmation and begin to hand match the best interpreter to your specific case.

Fair pay for hard work. Our interpreters are the most highly compensated in the area. Why? Because Link Interpret wants only the top interpreters working in your office. You will notice the difference in interpreter quality.

Range of complexity, in all languages. While Link Interpret excels at complex, international assignments, our core competency is legal interpreting, and nobody does it better, in any language. Our certified interpreters will flawlessly interpret your depositions, arbitrations, client meetings, and IME’s. Need a document translation? Whether the document be a birth certificate or a multi volume discovery document, our team will provide a trial- ready, certified translation.