Effortless communication in all languages

Official provider of interpreters for the Miss Universe Pageant

Ms. Cedillo has interpreted for 10 Miss Universe pageants, starting in 2004 in Thailand. The Miss Universe pageant requires a team of interpreters every year, who work alongside the contestants for the week leading up to the pageant. There are usually around 80 contestants at each pageant and many need interpreters to be able to rehearse and compete. The team interprets everything from the preliminary interviews, to runway instructions, to the nail-biting final question live on stage.

After working with Ms. Cedillo as an independent contractor for years, Miss Universe selected her to choose and lead an interpreting team from Link Interpret in 2015 and again in 2016. It was an immense honor to carefully handpick a dream team from the best linguists around the globe. The 2016 pageant required the biggest interpreting team that Miss Universe had ever needed. Link Interpret provided 21 interpreters for the 26 languages requested.

Both years were exciting for Link’s interpreting team. In 2015, Ms. Cedillo interpreted the final question on stage for Miss Colombia, before the contestant was wrongly crowned by Steve Harvey. In 2016, 10 of the top 13 contestants had worked with one of Link’s interpreters in the preliminary judging rounds, demonstrating that the contestant's answers were clearly communicated by their amazing interpreters. During the final question on stage, 4 of the top 6 contestants required interpreters. Finally, Miss France won the Miss Universe crown after Link’s French interpreter interpreted the final questions and her responses.

The pageants take place across the globe in countries such as Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam, the Bahamas, Brazil, Russia, and the Philippines. Click here for a photo album of backstage scenes from the pageants throughout the years!