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The Importance of Certified Interpreters

Some interpreting agencies cut corners and don't book certified interpreters. Not at Link Interpret. As an attorney, you put a lot of thought in to how to precisely word your questions. Your interpreter must be able to accurately render your meaning into the deponent's language, and then deliver the exact response, with all of its nuances, back into English. Certified interpreters ensure this delicate process takes place. At Link Interpret, we carefully cultivate excellent relationships with the most talented certified interpreters so you can be sure your deposition is being flawlessly interpreted.

The certification process is rigorous and only a small percentage of interpreters can demonstrate the minimum competency sufficient to become certified. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of legal terms in both languages and must demonstrate skill in interpreting in three different modes during the live exam. Interpreters are also tested on their knowledge of the code of ethics. The code of ethics is comprised of nine canons, including accuracy and completeness, impartiality and avoidance of the conflict of interest, and restriction of public comment. All interpreters at Link Interpret have agreed to conform to the code of ethics, meaning your sensitive legal communications are protected. (Please click here to view the full code of ethics.)